My iblazr original can not be charged. What should I do?

Well, there are only a few points that can prevent charging:

- iblazr is not attached fully enough into the charger;

- USB source / Wall charger is not working properly;

- Charging cable is broken / not working properly;

- iblazr charging module is broken / not working properly;

First try to take iblazr out from the charger and insert it again more tough until a "click" sound - it mean that it`s fully inserted. If nothing happens try to find another USB power supply (another wall charger or USB port), it is a chance that it would work. If not - something went wrong with the cable or the flash itself. Don`t worry and ask our team for further steps. Everything will be resolved in a timely manner.

PS: for a longer living time of your iblazr - make sure that you don't leave it discharged for a long time (longer than a month). It`s a basic rule for any li-po battery.

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