Can I use iblazr 2 with any other photo app?

iblazr 2 is the only flash that works with native camera apps on your iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. Pair it via Bluetooth, open the native camera app (or any 3rd-party photo app) and make a double tap on iblazr 2 rear side to activate the flash. Picture will be taken automatically.

To make sure that exact 3rd party photo-app will work with iblazr 2 - just make sure that the app takes pictures (trigger the shutter) by pressing volume up button of your smartphone- if not - iblazr 2 will not taking pictures either. You should program this button for `shutter` in the settings of your smartphone.

Please notice that to take a picture with iblazr 2 using native camera app or any other 3rd party app you will need to double tap on the back of the housing (where the lightning indicator is), not on the button in the app. Only Shotlight app allows to use regular app button on the screen of the monitor.

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