How to pair iblazr 2 with my smart device?

Native app (+other photo apps)
Step 1:  Push the button on iblazr 2. Flash status LED starts blinking.

Step 2:  Connect to iblazr in Bluetooth connections list. Once connected, the flash status LED light will start to shine continuously.

Step 3: Open smartphone native camera.
Step 4: Double tap the flash to take a picture.

Shotlight app
Step 1: Download the Shotlight app on App Store or Play Market.

iOS -

Android -

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth in smartphone settings.

Step 3: Push the button on iblazr 2. The  flash status LED starts blinking.

Step 4: Launch the Shotlight app.

Step 5: Tap the flash icon in the app. Step 6: Tap “Add iblazr” icon and connect your iblazr. Step 7: Start capturing great pictures and videos!

How to check if iblazr 2 is paired:

Step 1: Turn On the iblazr 2 in a `searching mode` (push the button on the iblazr 2 once)

Step 2: Go to a Bluetooth menu and choose iblazr 2.

Step 3: Tap `Pair`, if the lightning on the back of the housing is lights with a blue color - it`s paired.

This info is available in the Quick Start Guide (pages 2-3) which comes with every unit.

PS: please notice, that you can use iblazr 2 just with one smartphone at the same time. Before using it with another smartphone you have to unpair it first. For example, if your friend wants to use it right after you with his smartphone in one room you have to unpair iblazr from your device first, then pair it with your friend`s device.

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