Why do I need the Shotlight app?Why it`s better than the other photo apps?

Most photo apps provide plenty of post-photography filters that might improve the look of pictures, but sacrifice their quality in the process. Shotlight lets you improve pictures BEFORE they are even snapped. By tapping on the Shotlight display you will gain access to every manual parameter you need to take one perfect shot after another: White Balance, ISO, Focus, Exposure.
This same manual flexibility applies when shooting in video mode. For example, you can adjust your camera’s focus while recording—a classic trick cinematographers employ to shoot the movies you see at the cinema.

Shotlight App is for everyone.

We strive to bring your photos to perfection even if you are not using iblazr yet. The app is available with all its functional even without iblazr. All you need is your smartphone.
If you`re on the Light side (future iblazr2 user) - the app provideы a better experience using its primary options, including adjusting the brightness of iblazr’s LEDs, changing the light color temperature, and adding more flashes to an array of units. What is more, each individual unit can be single-tuned within the Shotlight app. And no matter how many iblazr2 units you want to use simultaneously, they can all connect at once to your smartphone or other device!

Shotlight App is free, unlike the other apps with such functionality are sold for $3 and more!

the Shotlight app:

for iOS on App Store

for Android on Play Market


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